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My One-On-One Makeup Artistry Masterclasses

Melanie Mills makeup classes for all levels


It is my great honor to announce that I will be providing makeup artistry masterclasses for both non-professional and professional makeup artists!

The opportunity to be able to share my knowledge and provide value to you is incredibly exciting! I have over 25 years of experience on Hollywood films and TV sets, including commercial, editorial, red carpet and bridal makeup, and I am a two-time Emmy award-winning professional makeup artist! I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best in the business, including: Pamela Anderson, the late and incomparable Betty White, Toni Braxton, Lil’ Kim, the late Anthony Bourdain and Ashley Tisdale. I am also the author of my book, Glitter and Glam, a how-to makeup art book, featuring stars like Ariana Grande, Jennifer Grey, Brandy and Audrina Patridge!

It is safe to say that this is my passion in life, and now, I want to share it with YOU! I’m offering one-on-one makeup artistry lessons in three different tiers: private makeup lessons for non pro makeup artists, makeup artistry for beginner MUA’s, and makeup artistry and social media for beginner and pro MUAs.

Tier 1: Private Makeup Lessons for Non Pros

Melanie Mills makeup lessons for beginners

This first tier of makeup lessons costs $350 for a three hour course and is geared towards non-professional makeup artists in a bit of a makeup rut, or those wanting to learn how to easily perfect their own makeup. Perfect from teens to mature skin.

You’ll learn how to properly prep your skin, apply lashes perfectly, use makeup techniques for your eye shape, which foundation and concealer is right for your skin tone and type, and easy body makeup for your legs and chest., FInally, you’ll learn about different kinds of makeup brushes and how to use them!

You’ll have me to guide you in a hands-on experience applying your own makeup in this three-hour session. I specialize in radiant skin and will focus on teaching you how to enhance your natural beauty as well as go from daytime chic to evening glam.

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Tier 2: Makeup Artistry for Beginners

Melanie Mills makeup classes for beginner makeup artists

The second tier of makeup lessons costs $1300 and is geared towards beginners who have some form of makeup knowledge just starting their careers. This will allow you to take your passion for makeup to a professional level in just a two-day class.

In this makeup course, I’ll explain the differences between natural makeup, going from soft glam to full glam, and men’s grooming. You’ll learn step-by-step techniques for creating perfect flawless skin, eyes, brows, lips, body makeup, and more.

It’s an intimate in-person experience that will allow you to elevate your makeup artistry and master makeup techniques I’ve been using for 25 years.

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Tier 3: Makeup Artistry & Social Media

Melanie Mills private makeup classes for makeup artists on social media

The third and final tier of my makeup course costs $1500 and is geared towards intermediate and professional makeup artists who want a fresh perspective to take themselves to the next level and stand out. With this class, you’ll elevate your makeup artistry and master techniques that work for various mediums while shooting content for your socials!

Let’s face it, makeup is an art form that is ruling social media. I’ll teach you how I built my own social media presence with techniques that have attracted over 100K+ followers on my platforms. Social media has proven to be an extremely effective way to build brand awareness and book more clients and it will be for you too!

You’ll also learn step-by-step my signature style of makeup: perfected glowing skin from head to toe and bold soft glam, the trend that is dominating social media today.

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