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Beginner and Pro Makeup Artists

Makeup Artistry for Beginners

Emmy Award Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist Emmy Award Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist

Private Makeup Lessons

Makeup Artistry For Beginners

Learn the art of makeup from an award-winning celebrity makeup artist. Take your passion for makeup to a professional level in this two-day class. Each day is six hours long.

This course is for beginners who have had some form of makeup knowledge. Get up close and personal as Melanie explains the differences between natural makeup, soft glam to full glam, and men's grooming. You will learn step-by-step how to create perfected flawless skin, eyes, brows, lips, body makeup and more. This is an intimate in-person experience with only one student per class with full access to Melanie Mills.

At the end of the course, you will receive a Melanie Mills Hollywood Masterclass Certificate of Compleation.

Private Makeup Lessons

Elevate your artistry by mastering hands-on makeup techniques that Melanie has used over her 25-year career.

Two-time Emmy award-winning makeup artist Melanie Mills has been a professional union makeup artist for over 25 years with extensive work on Hollywood films and TV sets, including commercial, editorial, red carpet, and bridal makeup.

Most known for her work as head makeup artist for Dancing With The Stars, The Real Daytime Talkshow and with Nickelodeon for Victorious, ICarly, Henry Danger, and All That. Too many celebrities and pro athletes to list. She is also the author of Glitter and Glam, a how to makeup art book.She is considered one of the top makeup educators.

What you will learn
  • Day 1 Watch & Learn

  • The basics

    • Toss Or Keep: Bring your makeup kit and have Melanie go through your product to see what you really need and what you could let go of & how to better organize
    • Check out Melanie's pro makeup travel kit, learn what pro essentials you need
    • How to use professional products
    • Sanitation and Shelf Life of Makeup
    • Skincare and Skin Prep essentials and how to use
    • Lunch
    • Proper etiquette on set and with private clients
    • Melanie will go over your social pages or give advice on how to set up a page correctly, what to post to draw in clients
    • Learn what is most important for your makeup website
    • Tips on what to charge as well as client contracts
  • Day 2 Watch Learn & Perform

  • Showtime

    Melanie will demo her signature makeup look to a model step-by-step including full body

    Going over all the basics of a solid long lasting makeup as well as the special extras. She will start with natural makeup and build up through soft glam to full glam

    Melanie will review her makeup kit staples & tools, sanitation and how she prep's skin 

    Melanie will go over every step: foundation, contour & highlight, cream blush, eye's, eyebrows, lips, glow, setting the makeup to last

    You will learn the art of Gleaming Skin

    You will watch, take notes and ask all the questions you want


    You're turn! Melanie will guide you as you apply what you just learned on a model

    Take Photos and Post!

    Pack Up

  • provided for you Included

  • 30 minute phone consultation prior to class



    Makeup expendables such as puffs, sponges, tissue, lashes, etc

    Use of Melanie's makeup tools or items you may not have in your kit


    provided for you

    Total Value: $175.00

  • You will need What to bring?

  • Your makeup kit and a positive attitude.

    If you don't have a kit or are just beginning to build and don't have a full pro kit- Don't Worry! Melanie's studio is equipped with everything you could need.

  • Cancellation Policy

    • Cancellations made more than 7 days in advance: A $100 cancellation fee will apply. You will receive a full refund (minus the $100 cancellation fee).
    • Cancellations made less than 7 days in advance: A $100 cancellation fee will apply.
      You will receive a 50% refund (minus the $100 cancellation fee).
    • No Show, If you miss your appointment: No-shows are non-refundable.
  • Rescheduling

    • Rescheduling made more than 7 days in advance: No additional fees.
    • Rescheduling made less than 7 days in advance: A $100 rescheduling fee will apply.
Makeup Artistry for Beginners

Makeup Artistry for Beginners

Beginner and Pro Makeup Artists


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Melanie Offers Three Different one-on-one private Master Classes


Private Makeup Lessons


This class is for the gal or guy that is in a makeup rut or doesn't know how to apply makeup at all but want to start. Learn how to apply makeup to yourself easily and flawlessly in this three-hour class. Great for learning makeup from the teen with blemishes to mature skin!

Beginner and Pro Makeup Artists

Makeup Artistry For Beginners


Take your passion for makeup to a professional level in this two-day class. Learn the basics of makeup from natural to glam. Learn hands-on techniques that Melanie learned through the best artists in the business and techniques that she used over her 25-year career on TV hits you know and love.

Beginner and Pro Makeup Artists

Makeup Artistry & Social Media


Makeup is an art form that is ruling social media. Learn how to use to build your brand awareness, book more clients and get noticed by brands. In this two-day class, learn Melanie's signature makeup look, how to shoot great content and how to apply it to your social media branding.