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Setting Spray Tips

 Melanie Mills Long Lasting Waterproof All Night Makeup Setting Spray

As a professional makeup artist, I’ve tried my fair share of setting sprays. None of them did the job to my liking until I decided to create my own formula!

My makeup setting spray is super lightweight and long lasting, just as it should be! It’s an amazing waterproof aerosol setting spray that feels as light as air and is infused with botanicals and lavender essence. To note: this is not some “shiny” or “shimmery” spray. My Super Lite Long Lasting Setting Spray leaves a matte dry finish and allows you to lock in your face and body makeup to last all day or all night.

Think it’s too good to be true? Check out this viral video of Rose Siard testing out the Setting Spray.

Tips for Applying My All Night Setting Spray

To get long lasting results with my setting spray, try this list of tips when applying the product:

  • The key to applying setting spray is holding the can at least six inches away from the skin and to spray it in back and forth motions.
  • My Super Lite Long Lasting Setting Spray can be used before, during, and after loose powder application. It’s good to spray the face first to prep for powder, then spray it on a beauty blender to lock loose powder into place. This can be done by lightly tapping the beauty blender onto the areas where powder was applied. After you’re done with your makeup application, make sure to give the whole face a good final spray!
  • When applying my setting spray to body makeup, make sure to apply a couple of extra passes with the spray for EXTRA lock to your look.

Other Ways to Use My Setting Spray

My Super Lite Long Lasting Setting Spray doesn’t just have to be for face and body makeup; it can be used in other ways too! For example, pro FX artists can use the setting spray to lock in a tattoo transfer or a tattoo cover. Also, a lot of pro hairstylists have been using the spray to lock in hair fibers used to fill in hair lines as the product is dryer than hairspray and not nearly as sticky!

If you’re in the market for a setting spray, or just want to get rid of your current product, make sure to try my Setting Spray, and let me know what you think!

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