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Celebrating Some of My Favorite LGBTQ+ Makeup Artists

Melanie Mills celebrates LGBTQ+ makeup pros

Over the years, I have met and had the pleasure of working alongside many LGBTQ friends throughout the entertainment industry, and I have the utmost respect for them, their community, and what they stand for. To kick off LGBTQ+ Pride Month, I’m highlighting a few of my favorite makeup artists (and dear friends) in the community!

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Neil Robison (@Neil_Robison)

Neil Robison workin with Reba McEntire

I call Neil my Nashvillian brother! When I made the big move from Los Angeles and reached out to other artists to find a community in Nashville, we hit it off immediately. His career started with MAC cosmetics, and his attention to detail, passion for makeup, and professionalism makes him a shining star in the industry.
He is a top makeup artist with a huge resume of celebrity clients, especially in the country music scene. You can find him doing Reba McEntire’s makeup on tour and in her recent TV shows and movies!

Yvonne & Lijha (@YvonneTheArtist & @LijahJade of @LipstickQueers)


Yvonne and Lijha both continually knock my socks off when it comes to makeup artistry. Yvonne is not only a top makeup artist, but she’s also a fine art artist! She will be painting a mural for me in my makeup shop, The Makeup Altar, and I’m so excited to see the final product. Lijha is also an amazing content creator and professional makeup artist. She worked for years at Makeup Forever and is known for her bold, exquisite makeup looks.

This power couple shines as being some of the best editorial artists, makeup educators and producers for major brand campaigns in the industry and I am honored to know them! Learn more about their cosmetic company, The Creative Makeup (which will, of course, be stocked at The Makeup Altar), and follow their personal account, @TheLipstickQueers.

Andrew Velazquez (@AndrewVelazquez_)

Andrew Velazquez

Andrew is a sweetheart and a top makeup artist that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for years! We worked together at Anastasia - he worked in product development and as a national makeup artist while I was working as a brand ambassador. We always had a blast!

Andrew has spent years working freelance in the entertainment, editorial and fashion world, is a top makeup educator for the Cinema Makeup School, and has his own salon space where he does both hair and makeup! He also has a book coming out showcasing his makeup artistry called Amor Es Arte | Arte Es Amor, which is to be published soon. As if that wasn’t enough on his plate, he even has an upcoming makeup line!

James Vincent (@JVincentMakeup)

James Vincent on Instagram

James is a powerhouse in the makeup industry and LBGTQ community! He brings an incredible and dynamic experience to The Makeup Show that leaves an impression on everyone that attends. He was the makeup artist for some of the most iconic musicians like Joan Jett and Lady Gaga and major fashion shows with Charlotte Ronson and Ashton Michael. We met years ago at The Makeup Show and have been traveling the country together ever since.

I also had the privilege of having him and his team do my hair and makeup for my 60s-themed wedding in Vegas. It wouldn’t have been the same without them. They made the day so special!

Now, he and his husband, Jeremy, have their own line of candles and potions called Rebels and Outlaws that I plan on stocking at my shop, The Makeup Altar!

Celebrate & Support These LGBTQ Artists!

I hope you check out these incredibly talented professionals as they are truly some of the best makeup artists in the world! Give them a follow and prepare to fill your feed with gorgeous makeup artistry!

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