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How to Clean, Rejuvenate and do a Facial Massage at Home with the B3 Beauty Wand

B3 Beauty Wand for Facial Massage and Skin Rejuvenation

After my makeup artist friend Fidel used the B3 Beauty Wand on my skin prior to makeup application for a photoshoot, I was completely sold! This facial massage tool uses a gentle electric current that removes excess buildup on the surface of your skin, as well as micro-vibrations to help your skin better absorb products. Not only does it deeply clean, but it also rejuvenates skin by instantly firming and tightening. Check out how I use it.

Take a look at how I use the B3 Beauty Wand to prep my skin for makeup application in this TikTok video.

The device comes with five different modes that control the intensity of the electric current, allowing you to pick whichever is most comfortable for your facial massage. I prefer the strongest mode, but start at the middle setting with clients and switch it up or down depending on which setting they are most comfortable with.

Step 1: Cleanse and Tone

After cleansing the skin, I saturate a cotton round in my favorite Senna Cosmetics’ Soothing Toner, place it on the wand and put it into Clean Detoxification Mode. Then, make sure to hold onto your face and move the wand around gently! You’ll begin to feel the warmth and vibration work its magic on your skin. This process will activate your skin's own ions to help remove dirt buildup and impurities which linger in the pores after cleansing.

Pro Tip: Because the wand uses a micro-current, if you’re using this on a client you’ll need to place a hand on the client to close the current so that the device works most effectively.

Step 2: Apply Serum and Moisturizer

Next, apply your preferred serum! One of my favorite serums to use before makeup application is the Glycelene’s Beauty Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, followed by moisturizer, eye cream and a lip treatment.

Put the B3 Beauty Wand on photorejuvenation mode (aka red light therapy) and go over your entire face to rejuvenate the skin and restore collagen. It should feel like a mini facial massage!

Fun Fact: Red light therapy has been proven to increase collagen and elastin production, giving skin cells an extra boost to achieve smoother, plumper and firmer skin!

Then, go over your face with the lifting and firming mode for the final skin rejuvenation touch! This uses blue light therapy which tones the facial muscles to get a strong, lifted look and decreases excess oil production to avoid constant makeup touch ups.

Pro Tip: Using blue light therapy on a consistent basis for just 3-5 minutes will allow you to see results fast. Blue light therapy not only kills bacteria that causes acne but it also decreases inflammation or redness blemishes and is great for men’s grooming, especially after shaving!

Step 3: Take Care of Those Eyes!

The last step is the eyecare mode, which can be used with or without the red light therapy. When using the wand, make sure to place the device gently under the eye, holding instead of dragging as this is a very delicate area of the face. You can also use this mode under the lash line and under the brow bone, but make sure to avoid the eyelids!

The B3 Beauty Wand is a great tool to use as a professional makeup artist and as an at-home facial massage! There’s nothing like properly prepping the skin for flawless makeup application, making a client feel pampered AND being able to give yourself an easy self-care moment at home!

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