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My Top Five Go-To Lash Brands

As a pro makeup artist, I know the importance of lashes. Lashes make everything better! If you pay to get your makeup done and lashes are not included, you're not getting full-service makeup unless you requested not to use lashes. Of course, there are instances when they aren't called for, and mascara will be just fine. Not every character needs big gorgeous voluminous lashes for film and TV, but I can't think of a bride that doesn't unless it's a personal choice for a very minimal look. Even minimal, natural looks entail a build-up of individual lashes.

Early in my career, I remember lashes were on the "natural" side. We would mostly use only a few individual lashes to build a natural and pretty eye. When we were going for a bigger, bolder eye look, Ardell Demi Wispies, now considered a natural lash along with Ardell #110 being really minimal, were considered to be big.

Eye Lashes

When I started Dancing With the Stars, we were coming out of a relatively dull makeup era of the '90s and my goal was to push the makeup envelope for TV. I came in with stacks of references for my makeup vision from the ballroom and editorial worlds when I interviewed for the job. I wanted to blend ballroom and editorial to create looks that were noticed and talked about. The producers were on board.

Jennifer Grey, Derek Hough, Willa Ford and Pamela Anderson on Dancing With The Stars

Being in front of a live audience, multiple cameras, a huge stage, bold lighting of all colors, and occasional close-ups of the talent, there were many challenges to consider heading into the first seasons of DWTS. I wanted the dancers' faces & bodies to glow, something we had been matting down for years as film & tv pros. My vision included lots of colors, bold makeup, glitter, rhinestones, and lashes. I encouraged stacking up to four pairs of lashes!

Today lashes have come a long way, and it's now completely normal to rock a full fierce set even if you're doing errands. We have come to love and appreciate big, bold lashes. The lash business is huge with so many choices: individuals, clusters, strips, and lash extensions made of either mink, fox, human hair, silk, synthetic, and now plant-based/vegan lashes. There are invisible clear bands or black bands either on the thin side or big and thick.

Lash glue has come a long way too. My absolute fave is Cammy Nyguen waterproof & latex-free Strip Lash Glue. Cammy might as well be crowned the lash queen. A special blog post about this fierce boss lady will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

Here are of my favorites, both professionally and personally:

Anna Marti
I happen to know Anna. She is as beautiful and sweet as her line. Her lashes are made of 100% Siberian Mink that's collected during the natural shedding season. The mink lashes are sterilized, free of chemicals, and naturally rich in color without any dyes. I like these because they are very lightweight with a clear band and have a natural multi-layered wispy & fluffy look mixing short and long hairs. She has three to choose from, I love them all, and you can get multiple wears from them.

I'm wearing Coqueta.

Anna Mart Lashes

Lashes in a Box
These premium lashes are certified cruelty-free and vegan. They are handmade using sterilized human hair and soft, high-quality synthetic fibers.
These lashes are well-built, with clear bands, and have many styles to choose from in a box of 10 pairs. They are great for pros.

I'm wearing #23, a nice lash yet still somewhat natural, soft clusters spaced out, both ends are short with the length in the middle.

Lash In A Box

Francis Star
I met Francis at a trade show years ago. He's a very talented makeup artist and influencer who fell in love with Gleam and often is drenched in it! We have been friends ever since. I recently ran into him at the NY Makeup Show and was so proud to learn that he launched his own makeup brand that includes lashes.

The premium synthetic lashes are bold with a thicker black band that are fun and fierce. The thick band gives extra glamour but is still comfortable to wear. You can get up to 10 uses with these.

I'm wearing My Love

Francis Star Lashes

Elagacy Boutique
I found this brand at The Makeup Show Houston a few years back. I was impressed at the selection and how big and dramatic some of these lashes can be. Sometimes, when working with big faces and large eyes, you need big lashes that don't look cheap. They are beautifully layered with thick black bands that aren't too thick and very comfortable. They have many styles to choose from and are made of 3D mink, you can get up to 20 uses out of them with proper care.

I'm wearing Indistinct

Elegacy Lashes


Though I didn’t include a before and after, I have to mention Ardell. This brand is a go-to for most professionals. It's the brand that I was first introduced to for lashes. These have been a forever kit staple. They have every kind of strip and individual lash you can think of made from every material too. Human hair, silk, mink, synthetic, and even magnetic. With every kind of band to choose from too. They sell them individually and in multipacks. The classics that I will always have in my pro kit are the Demi Wispies, Double Demi Wispies, Wispies, #110 for the natural girl, individual lashes, and flare individual lashes of all sizes and individuals lower lashes. My faves I’m mentioning all have natural clear barely there bands and are very comfortable.

Lashes Make Everything Better

Are you a lash girl? What are your favorites? Do you love them but don't feel you have mastered the application? I always recommend applying mascara on your own lashes first to build a good base, apply a nice even layer of glue to the band, use a pair of tweezers to drop in lashes, and practice practice practice!

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  • Amy Shorrosh | published at: November 23, 2021

    So I can’t wear strip lashes do to very watery eyes. Lashify has been my holy grail. I do use Ardell on my friends and clients. Thanks for the recommendations!

  • Brian | published at: November 23, 2021

    Thank you for your review on lashes ! I watched a Instagram of you having a set of Lashify (sp?) lashes applied at the NY show . How did you like that brand ?

  • Pauline | published at: November 23, 2021

    I love love love lashes!!! I just need to practice the application more!! Can’t wait to try these brands!!

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