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My Emmy Win On The Set of The Real Daytime

The Real Daytime was one of those dream gigs. Great hours, close to home, fantastic talent that came through the door. Fun, exciting topics the hosts would touch on, great performances, and model fashion segments.

Melanie Mills with second Emmy Award for The Reel TV Talk Show

I was department head makeup at the Real Daytime for 6 years until the show went virtual. My responsibilities as department head makeup artist were to take care of the guests that we would have on the show, from celebrities to everyday people.

The crew behind the scenes for the daytime television show The Real

My favorite’s to glam or groom were RemyMa, Tisha Campbell, Tiffany Aliche “The Bugetnista,” Amara LaNegra, our “in house hotty” Marcell Brown, Steals For The Real hosts: Donia Duchess, Shae Wilber, Amanda Seales, Wyclef, Deon Cole, Sherry Shepard, Wayne Brady, and Bobby Brown to name a few.

The hosts and their makeup artists loved to Gleam. I even had the opportunity to have Melanie Mills Hollywood products featured on the show a few different times!

The cast of the daytime television talk show The Real

The best part of the show is, of course, the GLAM. Let’s face it I think the ladies of The Real are the trendiest and most glam on daytime television. We always strived to produce the most forefront trends of makeup, and with every show switched it up for anyone that graced the stage.

Every year we were nominated for an Emmy, and finally, this year, we WON IT! With the show going virtual, my wonderful gig went bye-bye, but what better way to say farewell than with a trophy in hand!

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