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Fierce Kitty Cat Makeup for a Purr-fect Halloween

Need a last-minute Halloween costume idea that you can do with makeup and clothes from your closet? I've got you covered! Here's my step-by-step fierce and fun kitty cat look.

Cat Glam Makeup

To transform into a cat, you'll need ears. If you don't have kitty ears - no worries, put your hair into two top buns high on your head to simulate ears.

As far as what to wear, you can go sexy with a black dress, cute black jumper, black leggings, and cute black tank top or simple, warm but still sexy with a black turtleneck sweater.

For the makeup, start with the eyes first, as it can get a little messy.
Create a base and eye shape with white cream. I used a white foundation stick from Makeup Forever. Really go out of the box, elongating inner tear ducks and creating a base up and off your outer eyes.

Next, take a bright blue cream and, with an eyeliner brush, draw a line to be the beginning of your dramatic crease above where your normal crease would be. I used The Creative Makeup. This pallet is excellent as it has twelve colors to play with.

Makeup Pallete

Draw a dramatic cat line and connect it to the outer crease line with the same blue cream.

Take a darker blue or purple cream color and trace the lines creating depth and under the eye just from the middle towards the liner.

With matte black or navy eyeshadows, pat shadow on top of the outer lid from the center of the lid up to the blue crease, outer eyelid only. I used palettes Grande Pro & Grande Pro Vol 2 from Viseart Paris and Pat McGrath Labs's Mothership palette for eyeshadows. 

Now with the shimmers, start with a darker blue shadow. Blend on top of blue crease liner. Keep blending. Use a lighter blue color and blend on top of the crease toward the nose. Then with the white shimmer, apply to lids that are still white. You might have to clean up some blue if it transferred. You don't have to stick to blue; you can choose any color scheme you like.

Blend out all of the edges with the white shimmer. I like to switch out brushes often and blend with brushes that have no color on them. The trick to making the eyes look airbrushed is using lots of eyeshadow brushes in all shapes and to blend blend blend. You can get your blend on with our Melanie Mills x Omnia brushes

Before lashes, clean up any fallout with eye makeup remover. My go-to remover is the Epicurean Crystal Clear Eye Makeup Remover.

Apply your black cat liner, BIG and FIERCE. Mac Liquid Last in Point Blank was used for my cat liner.

Remember your next applying big glamorous false lashes so the liner can be huge. Apply mascara to lashes, then with tweezers, apply false lashes lifting up on the outer corners. For the BIG FIERCE Glam lashes, I used, Fetish from Elegancy Boutique and Cammy Nguyen strip lash glue. 

Makeup Lashes

Use a white eyeliner pencil and apply it to water lines. You can pick up the white eyeliner pencil I used from Beseme Marilyn Monroe collection.

For the face, apply foundation and set with powder. Use one of the darker blue shimmery eyeshadows, and create a fierce contour on upper cheekbones blending in swirls toward temples. With the same blue apply to the tip of the nose. Next, apply shimmering lavender blush eyeshadow or blush. I used Lime Crime Hi-Lite Blossoms palette on the apples of cheeks sweeping up toward temples, down the bridge of the nose, and around the hairline.

Overline lips in a sexy feline shape in black. I used Mac Gel Liner in Black Track. Apply lip gloss. You can use a deep purple, aubergine lip gloss like the Melanie Mills Hollywood Lip Radiance in Unforgettable. With the same shadow for cheeks and tips of the nose, apply to the center of lips.

Use a gold cream or eyeliner to create whiskers from the sides of the nose sweeping over cheeks. The gold adds glamour and depth. Now, use the black gel liner on top of the gold to create more whiskers.

Don't forget to paint tiny dots on top of the nose and a few at the base of the whiskers.

To have the look last all night, use a setting spray. You can't go wrong with our Super Lite Long Lasting Setting Spray. 

A fierce kitty needs claws! Complete the look with false nails or, like me, long acrylics, I went with burgundy.

And Voila!!! You're instantly a PURR-FECT KITTY!

For more inspiration looks, check out my book, Glitter & Glam.

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