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Cozzette Lip Synergy Lip Glosses

Who doesn't love lip gloss?! If you're like me, you probably have hundreds of lip glosses! I color coordinate my lip gloss as I have so many and I like to be organized, four of my nine drawers are nudes and lighter pinks! When I’m shopping cosmetics I’m like a kid at a candy store even though I have so many glosses it’s the first thing I’m drawn to and I always end up buying more! 

While at the NY Makeup Show, I popped by Cozzette's makeup booth to pick up the new Infinite Dimension Mascara and say hello to Roque, the founder of Cozzette. We've known each other for several years now doing the makeup trade show circuits and often have our booths next to each other. I love his energy, his makeup collection, and his artistry. I've always felt a connection with Roque because we both share a love for crystals and are all about good intentions.

Cozette Lip Synergy

I was mesmerized by his new Lip Synergy Lip Gloss collection and drawn immediately to the packaging; the lip glosses are in crystal components! That's right, they look like crystal wands, and the formula is epic! They are highly pigmented, very silky, and smell a bit like yummy butterscotch. He told me he put stevia in them so that they taste sweet! I immediately scooped up all 5 of his lighter shades and two reds.

Cozette Lip Synergy

I'm only wearing the lip gloss with no lip liners or other lipsticks in these photos. I'm really impressed and think these are stunning stocking stuffers not only for makeup lovers but for those that love their crystals too!

Cozette Lip Synergy

Watch my video on TikTok where I review the Lip Synergy Lip Gloss.

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